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Celebrating 100 Years…

Since the Birth of Mother Teresa! 

A lovely and simple Mass was held today in the upper church of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in honor of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.   The local sisters from her order, the Missionaries of Charity, were in attendance and sweetly sang one of Mother’s meditations after Communion, the refrain being: “All for Jesus, all for Love, to be a channel of God’s grace.” 

Afterwards, everyone processed out for a “birthday balloon launch” (in her colors of blue and white), that was just delightful.  We each also received a lovely medal and prayer card pack.  I’ve been around the sisters and interacted with them several times over the years and am always refreshed by their genuine kindness and joy.  They are truly a special gift to our world, all made possible by the birth of a baby girl 100 years ago today who would grow up to listen to God’s will. 

In the crypt of the Basilica there is a story board exhibit detailing Mother Teresa’s life that is very moving (displayed through Sept. 30th).  I am continually amazed by her level of selflessness and commitment to service for love of Christ and continually shocked at my lack of resemblance to her.  She is truly a saint for our time!  Blessed Teresa, pray for us.

Visit the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center to follow the centenary celebrations all year long.   Her relics have also been traveling the country, so keep an eye out for them too.

Update:  Prints are now available.


  • Stacey Biondolillo - August 29, 2010 - 10:52 am

    I have been bless’d to work with the Sisters and Mother Teresa and Mother’s love changed my life . Changed my heart !
    I worked with Mother and the Sisters in Nogales and here in Arizona. A picture of me with my son was taken at one of the missions house and was posted in the Arizona Republic and more than once .
    I could write on and on how much her love and the Sisters love has impacted life ! I wouldn’t know where to start with all of her quotes that meant so much significance and her eyes , the love in them ! People can say many things , but the eyes are to the soul and Mother Teresa’s eyes were so deep , so compassionate , so non judging , so merciful , so kind and filled with Gods love . How could anyone not see the Gods truth in her eyes ?
    The few times I met Mother , I was shocked that she remembered me and my children when they were young . Mother was special in so many ways , I thought then she was already a Saint !

    I love you all and God Bless all of you

    Stacey Biondolillo

  • joe ortega - August 30, 2010 - 5:12 pm

    ms stacey, just wanted to say ‘THANK-YOU’ FOR SHARING! I SO LOVE MOTHER AND PRAY FOR/TO HER.

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