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Wide Apertures


For this weeks photo tip, I’ll suggest one of my favorites:  shallow depth of field. 

Using a shallow depth of field or wide aperture can radically change the look and focus of an image.  It not only helps eliminate distracting or unnecessary elements to a composition, but it also creates a dreamy feel to your image. 

First, figure out what is the widest your aperture will go and then create a composition where you have several objects that receded into the distance.  I chose in my sample image above, a pair of dice on a book.  I placed the dice one behind the other on a slanted book so that it too recedes into the background.  With an aperture of 1.8 and the focus point set on the front cube or die, I was able to let the rest of the image go soft. 

Try experimenting with wide apertures and see the effects.  It’s great for still life as well as portraiture.  By allowing the background to disappear, you keep your focus on the subject.  Enjoy!

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