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Lenten Meditations in the Desert – Week 2

Lessons in the Desert – Staying Focused

This week’s desert image reminds us that our Lenten journey is well under way.

The path has narrowed, almost like a tightrope, perfectly dividing the two very different landscapes on either side.  I remember being rather preoccupied with how it pulled my vision away from the track forward by constantly looking side to side and comparing.

This is not too different from the Lenten journey we have at hand.  It’s so easy for us to take our eyes off the goal and keep looking side to side, longing for all the things we’ve given up instead of keeping our eyes forward and fixed on the prize.  Sometimes we sound like the Egyptians pining after the onions and garlic they had while in slavery when the journey through the desert to the Promised Land became challenging.  [Num 11:5]  They missed the comforts they left behind, even if those comforts were while they were in slavery.

For our mediation this week we might consider visualizing walking on a path, such as one in this image, with the many distractions we face on either side and practice staying focused on the goal of union with Christ.

Exercising this visualization whenever we find ourselves walking and reciting the scripture below is a great way of helping produce the corresponding interior disposition like in the Dominican prayer practice we talked about last week.

Happy journeying and staying focused!

“I will ponder your precepts and consider your paths.

In your statutes I take delight; I will never forget your word.”

[PS 119:15-16]

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