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So this is a special treat.  I am interviewed by Zoe Romanosky in this week’s issue (May 29th) of Our Sunday Visitor (a national Catholic paper) about photographing Catholic weddings.  There’s so much more I could say on the topic, especially after having just shot a wedding over the Memorial Day weekend, in a heat wave, without an assistant, and still unable to shake the pain in my neck and shoulders.  But,  I do hope that some of the points covered will give couples a better insight into what to look for and expect from their wedding photographer.  Here’s the online version minus some of the extra pictures. (When I figure out how to post a PDF version of the original article, I’ll add it to my new website.)   Do pass it along to couples you know who have recently been engaged.

There have been a lot of behind the scenes updates I’ve been working on recently that have been all consuming.  One of which was researching the best way to take credit card payments via a mobile phone that worked with all cards and didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.  After a long time of searching for a credit card swiper solution, I settled on this cute little gadget called the Square.  It’s a tiny swiper that plugs into my new iPhone 4 on the Verizon network so that I can process credit cards on the go.  This will give me and my clients a lot more flexibility in processing payments, especially when doing fun photo shoots on location. 

Another update I wanted to mention is that, I created a new website for Renata Photography that should be easier to use and have some extra features. It’s an indexed flash site, so each page will have an actual link you can share.  It should also be viewable on mobile phones and tablet readers.  (Please test it out if you have one of these gadgets and let me know if something doesn’t work so that I can fix any bugs.)  

A great new feature I’ve been able to add to the new site is the ability to purchase Renata Photography Gift Certificates directly from the site via PayPal.  The Gift Certificates are a great gift idea for friends and family who would love some beautiful portraits or studio specialty products made from their previous photo sessions with me.  The Gift Certificates are an especially great idea for a bride and groom to add to their wedding gift registry, helping them to store up photo dollars that they can use towards expanding their album or getting that big canvas wrap or wall print.   

I’ll have a few more info tabs I’ll be adding in the near future like a FAQ’s page including “What to Wear” for your photo session, as well as a detailed product section, -so stay tuned!  



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