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Posting Etiquette

I don’t anticipate that there will be any problems, but sometimes it doesn’t go without saying that comments that are obscene or mean spirited and show no basic respect will not be tolerated.  So play nice!

No Stealing

All images and text, unless otherwise noted, are property of Renata Grzan Wieczorek.  No content is permitted to be copied or removed and then redistributed in print or online.  All rights are reserved. Unauthorized use is prohibited.  Is that clear?

I know many people think that if it’s on the web it’s free for the taking.  Well not unless it says explicitly:  “Hey, this xxx is free for the taking.”

It’s unfortunate that many people don’t understand copyright laws and that artists’ work is constantly being infringed upon, meaning whether knowingly or not, people are stealing other people’s work all the time, and violating US Copyright law.

This does several things.  It prevents the rightful owner of any given artwork of controlling the distribution of his work, receiving payment or credit for his work; thereby, making it harder if not impossible for him to continue doing his work.  “A laborer is worth his wages,” after all is he not?  [Lk 10:7]  Secondly, reproductions or alterations without owner consent often results in very poor quality images that if tracked back will: 1) reflect badly on the artist and 2) generally lower the standard and quality of art in the market place.  How many times have we seen an image used over and over again, whether in print or online, and it looks really ragged or pixelated?   We ought to do better than that.

So if you’d like to reference something from any of my posts or sites, weather it’s text or images, you are free, for example, to link to my posts to reference content.  But for heavens sake, don’t copy, screen capture or lift off and/or alter any content of mine.  

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