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An Unforgettable Wedding First Look


An insider’s view of the Bride and Groom’s joyful ‘First Look’ on their wedding day.

The very eager groom, (and who could blame him!) got dropped off at the out-of-sight starting point by his Uber driver a little too early, so he had a bit of time to kill.

Wandering around a cul-de-sac, maybe even pacing, in a tuxedo might have looked suspicious on it’s own.  But it also happened to be near an elementary school play ground. During recess.  The ole  ‘move along, nothing to see here, children’ didn’t really work that well.

Through the fence, they kids played guessing games as to who he was.  “He works for the government!” shouted one child.  And on it went.  When it was time to extract him, my assistant husband shows up, in a black suit.  Double trouble.  An adult from the school approaches…  Thankfully the groom’s wait was over and a simple explanation to the school rep, “You see, this is a wedding….” was sufficient, and they were on there way.

It’s certainly interesting times we live in when a man in a tuxedo looks like a suspicious government worker and the authorities are alerted!  Or maybe it’s all just because it was on a Friday afternoon.

In any case, this has got to be one of the funniest ‘groom waiting in the wings’ moment of mine to date. But I dare say, all was well, once he got a glimpse of his angelic bride, glowing in the sun, on a most perfect Autumn day.

All was well, indeed! 2-waiting-for-wedding-first-look-renata-photography










Highly recommend doing a First Look!

Some people are a little hesitant if they are unfamiliar with the concept.  Its when the bride and groom see each other for the first time, privately, earlier in the day before the wedding.

Some may think it ruins the moment of walking down the aisle, but in fact, it creates an entirely new, powerful (and private) experience that would otherwise not be possible during the course of a hectic wedding day.  Not to mention, setting aside any nerves that might still be lingering, and consequently, paving the way for a much more recollected start to the wedding ceremony.

No one I have ever had do a First Look ever regretted it.  In fact, it’s usually those who were initially unsure, ended up loving it the most!

Have you done one? Let me know you’re thoughts.

And don’t forget to see the video with some extra moments!

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