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Celebration of Life Breakfast

This morning I attended the “Celebration of Life” breakfast with Sarah Palin in Washington, DC.  It was held at the Ronald Reagan Building and was organized by the Susan B. Anthony List.  I have never heard Sarah speak, nor have I ever attended a Susan B. Anthony event.  So I was ripe for first impressions.

I saw many of my pro-life friends in attendance, so I immediately felt right at home as it seems Sarah did as well.  She was very joyful, passionate, articulate and great to listen to.  Probably the highlight of her talk for me was when she talked about her son Trig with Down Syndrome and the blessing and joy that he brings to their lives.  One sweet story was about her going to get Trig up in the mornings.  She said that even with all his challenges, she was amazed to find him always beaming and clapping.  She reflected on how that would be a great way to start anyone’s day, and that her little boy, whom many thought would be an obstacle, ends up teaching her what’s most important in life, by keeping her daily challenges in perspective.

It was great to finally see her speak in person.  And it was also refreshing to see a strong female politician, embodying authentic femininity in both her ideas as well as appearance.  A true feminist is pro-life.  And she doesn’t try to hide the fact that she is a woman, either by her modest exterior dress or by her interior/hidden potential to bear children and then love them into life.  Femininity is an extraordinary gift, and yet the feminist ‘movement’ seems to be all about the things that are opposite of being authentically feminine.  Sarah does seem to have that feminine ‘it’ factor and captures a lot of attention.  Whatever her flaws and faults may be that people like to debate about, she does bring something very refreshing to the table.  Young girls, (and there were many in attendance that came with their parents or with school groups), have someone and something new to look up to.  In this culture of de-feminizing the woman, it’s great for them to see a strong woman in the political arena that is  sounding, acting and looking like a woman with authentic feminine values.  It’s always a good reminder as well that Susan B. Anthony, whom many feminists claim as their inspiration, was actually pro-life.

So there you go, not my typical blog post but those were some of my thoughts at the breakfast while I was rather busy clicking away taking pictures.  Here are some of the highlights from the breakfast.  Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of SBA-List, introduces the day’s events and Sarah Palin.  To see the rest of the photos, follow this LINK.


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